Tuesday, June 17, 2008

George Takei to marry His Long Time Partner, Brad

Watch this YouTube clip from the original series and tell me no one saw this coming.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Purple Heart

I am going to be blunt: No blood, no heart.
Anyone who says otherwise,
please write to me.

The Five WORST ways to get drunk

Well, click on this link for the article, but I can add more to the list:

1. Three words: Jordanian Spiced Whiskey. Especially when you buy it from some "shopkeeper" in Mahmudiya, Iraq. Super especially when he offers to sell you AK-47's at 60 bucks a pop and wants you to come alone with him to his shop. Thinking back on it, I should have shot the guy. At the time, I just gave him the ten bucks for the bottle and mixed it with Gatorade. Two days later, I bought a six-pack of Egyptian beer from him.

2. Two Words: Egyptian beer.

3. Another tip from Uncle Mark's Drink tips and Other War Stories: Never EVER, EVER, EVER buy vodka from Romanian soldiers in Afghanistan. And especially don't do it three or four times. But if you DO, mix it with gatorade. Sense a pattern here?

4. I don't want to get a certain Special Forces medic in trouble, but..........did you know that Jim Beam comes in cans? Neither did I. Although, it DOES help you forget the sight and sound of a chest tube going into someone. By the way the sound is "crucnhhbhhhhhhhh"

5. OK......many of my six or seven readers are not going to believe this......BUT. Hand Sanitizer. When I was a Drill Sergeant, I knew another Drill who had found two privates obviously drunk. Upon further investigation, he determined that they had mixed Purell Hand Sanitizer with.......wait for it.......gatorade. One of them blew a .19



Saturday, June 7, 2008

Barack Obama's ancestors owned slaves

Ok, I can't believe after such a lull in posting I am posting TWO articles about Barack Obama, and especially another one that will get my seven readers into a fight over who can accuse me of being a rascist first. Let's not even get into what side the Democratic party was on before the Civil War.

Anywhooo-here's the article!

Barack Obama is Not a Black Candidate

Letter to the editor that I did not write, but makes some valid points.......comments calling me a rascist start in 5...4...3...2...

The Letter