Saturday, February 23, 2008

Time to Totally Geek Out

OK, just to show everyone how much of a geek I am, I must post this information. I am not sure how long it has been up, but CBS is posting the ENTIRE original series of Star Trek online for us to watch for free (well, a few commercials, like regular TV). I just watched the Doomsday Machine, which is a second season episode, and darn good Sci-Fi action, even if the acting is, well, Shatnerish, and the special effects aren't that great. Well, for 10 grand an episode and it being 1968, they are not too bad. Here is a link to go watch the episodes.......TO BOLDLY GO............

I admit, some of the original episodes are pretty stupid, but a handful are really good sci-fi. The doomsday machine, Requiem for Methusala (sp?), and of course the City on the Edge of Forever.

Now that we are on the Star Trek gig here, There is a teaser trailer for the latest Star Trek movie online here. I hope they do it justice.

Just in time for Indiana Jones part four!

A Lead on the Ark of the Covenant

Friday, February 22, 2008



I am writing this post on my new ASUS eee pc laptop. It is a "sub-notebook", and by sub notebook, I mean it is barely bigger than a DVD case. well, about twice as thick. It has a 4 gig solid-state hard drive (flash memory, no moving parts), a 900 mhz celeron processor and 512 mb of RAM (upgradeable to 1 gig, which I'll probably do). It weighs in at right around two pounds (.92 kilograms). The operating system is a version of Linux developed by ASUS based on the Debian distribution (I prefer Ubuntu, but hey). It IS capable of running windows XP, which i will probably have to load, because this is going to be my deployment computer and the Army still runs on windows (even though Linux is FREE) and there is some software that i will need that runs only on windows.

The lack of storage seems like a handicap, but you can easily add an external hard drive (3 USB ports!!! or put an SD (secure digital card, like in your digital camera).

I thought the tiny keyboard would be a problem, and that I would have to take a USB keyboard that I own, but I am typing this with NO problem, and about as fast as I can type on a normal size computer.

All in all, a great computer ( so far ) for a traveler, child, or older person who needs a simple, small appliance to do email and websurfing.

talking to Arabs

This is a post from the SANDBOX, the Milblog started by Garry Trudeau, the author of Doonesbury. This interview illustrates the vastly different view of reality that arabs can have (I am not making this up, research it).

I found this posted in the area and had to put it up because it's true of going out and talking to the Iraqi people. Some of it I think is that maybe our conversations get lost in translation between the Iraqi and the Interpreter, but it happens so often; like after an RPG was fired at our COP, no one in the area had heard the rocket launched.

This is a no bullshit conversation between a Platoon Leader (PL) from one of our sister platoons, and a Local National (LN):

PL: Good afternoon.

LN: Hello hello.

PL: Do you mind if I ask you some questions about the mosque?

LN: Yes, yes there are a lot of people who go there to pray.

PL: Thanks, does this mosque broadcast a message to the area on Fridays?

LN: Yes it does, it is Shiia mosque so every Friday around 12:15.

PL: It's 12:30, did it broadcast a message today?

LN: Umm no, but it should soon.

PL: Ok, thanks, so last week it gave a message?

LN: No, I don't think this mosque gives messages.

PL: But I thought you just told me it should broadcast a message soon?

LN: What? NO. What mosque I don't know of any mosque around here.

PL: (Pointing to the mosque 100ft away) That mosque right there.

LN: I don't see a mosque.

PL: Is this guy serious?

RTO: I don't know?

PL: Sir, do you see that building, it has a dome and two huge blue and purple towers right in front of you... That MOSQUE?

LN: Oh wow, I've never seen that before, it must be new.

PL: So....

LN: I mean I'm new to the area I don't know anybody.

PL: You just told me a lot of people go to that mosque.

LN: What mosque?

PL: Okay, thanks for the help, I'll see you later.

Senator Mccain and his son, Private Mccain, who is serving in Iraq

Senator McCain rarely speaks of his son serving in Iraq with the United States Marine Corps

Hoosiers death prompts Army upgrade to Warrior Transition Units

Another good article about the WTU's. This one focusing on Fort Knox, Ky

News about the Army's Wounded Warrior Program

A really great article about how the Army is trying to improve the long-term care for Soldier's wounded in combat.

"Well, I missed out on 'nam, so tell me, what's combat like?"

Sunday, February 17, 2008

My journey from Kansas back to Kentucky

When I flew out of Kansas, there was a herd of Bison across the street from the airport. I basically flew on a Beech King Air (19 seats), no cabin attendants and no door between the passengers and pilots. We got to watch the landing (if you crained your neck), from the pilots point of view which I haven't seen in a long time. The landings in KC, DCA, and Louisville were smooth as silk, and my boys were waiting for me at the last stop! Can't get better than that, can it?

I got to be a tour guide on the way in to DCA. The lady behind me was looking for DC sights and I am somewhat knowledgeable about the geography of the area and was able to point out the Washington monument, the capitol building, and the Potomac river (the big dark spot that went from left to right). She said, "you must live here"! I replied with, "Yeah, 14 years ago! And for only one year!". We also flew over Arlington on our approach, but it was night and you couldn't see it.

When we took off from National, We flew in a hard left turn right over the Pentagon, then Arlington. I could see Lee's house and the Tomb's of the Unknown, and then the barracks of the guys who guard the Tombs. Almost wish I had more time in that area. There's a lot of special spots!

When I got out of the plane in Louisville, and got in our van, I got such a great smile from my boy, Mark (who obviously doesnt know whats going on yet) that it was well worth the 500 dollars and day of travel.

Is there anything more valuable than that? If you can imagine something that is,..........well I wouldn't know what to think of you.

I have a new nephew!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

His name is Benjamin! Welcome him to the US!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maybe we are winning, at least in one spot

Al-Qaeda in Iraq faces an “extraordinary crisis”. Last year's mass defection of ordinary Sunnis from al-Qaeda to the US military “created panic, fear and the unwillingness to fight”. The terrorist group's security structure suffered “total collapse”.

Fort Riley

Well I made it to Fort Riley last night. I haven't seen anything yet besides the hotel room, but that should change today. I flew Southwest and they were awesome as always. The landing at Midway was kind of hard, and the pilot actually apologized after it was over. "Sorry about that folks! But we're here!" was actually what he said. I told him when we disembarked that I thought we had been shot down. That made him laugh. More as things actually happen here.

Friday, February 8, 2008

No title, no picture. Could not the language of God be humor?

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

the whole ninth symphony

If we could hear the voice of God, It might sound something like this:

More Beethoven and a great quote from my Dad

Go here to see Beethovens Seventh, second movement.

I think some music is the language of God.---My Dad

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Thank a Veteran

One Of the best moments in my life was when an elderly gentleman who said he had served in Korea walked up to to me (while I was in uniform) at a Walmart in North Carolina and wanted to shake my hand for my service. Thtat's all he did, walked up to me and said "I served in Korea, and thank you for what you do". and grabbed my hand and shook it.

America is worth fighting for, most importantly when she's wrong.

Religious Freedom alive in Afghanistan, as long as it's the right one

Afghan Student Sentenced to Death After Downloading Report

Whatever are we there for anyway?

Saturday, February 2, 2008

but then, yet, the best piece of music ever

Excerpt from the movie "Immortal Beloved" starring Gary Oldman as Beethoven. In this scene he is standing on stage, listening to his Ninth Symphony being conducted for the firs time. Supposedly, he could not conduct it correctly, as he he was stone cold deaf by the time he wrote it, so he stood next to the conductor. What is not shown in this clip is the conductor physically grabbing him at the end of the symphony, turning him around to see the standing ovation he was getting, which he never heard, just like his own, greatest work.